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Dorota Raniszewska is a certified Accredited Coach & Mentor EMCC Senior Practitioner, pioneering teacher on Photography in Coaching, fascinated by photography as ways to explore, experience and express ourselves. She develops a professional coaching practice with the use of clients personal photos as well as photography.
A unique book on using photography in coaching and personal development.
One Image – Many Words is about images, personal development, and creative integration of the use of photography with professional coaching techniques and storytelling. It takes the reader in a journey of inner research and self-expression through the world of images, personal snapshots and meanings that enable open and creative communication. The book is a valuable resource for coaches who want to use photos to inspire their clients to authenticity, vulnerability, courage. It provides descriptions of exercises and learning actions helpful in individual, group and team coaching, building communities and collaborative teams, building connection and trust among people. It describes innovative tools and techniques for self-awareness and free expression of thoughts and opinions that every coach can benefit from. It encourages creativity in coaching. It is an inspiring book for everyone who wishes to dig deep and visualize what they truly desire in their life and career, develop self-reflection, sensitivity, self-esteem, creativity, courage to lead their lives. It can be a great source of inspiration for teachers, mentors and counsellors who have an impact on children and youth.

The book includes chapters on
1. Image, visuality, visual thinking and visual memory
2. The use of photos in personal development with real-life examples, ready-made formulas you can incorporate into your coaching practice
3. How to adapt PhotoTherapy Techniques to coaching practice
4. Photography in coaching
5. Transcription of two interviews with the Author about photographs in coaching.

All chapters are illustrated with many photos and thought-provoking questions.

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